Kevin Stone

kstoneKevin Stone is the Principal Investigator for IES’s cultural resources department. Mr. Stone received his Bachelor of Arts in History from Abilene Christian University and Master of Arts in Anthropology from Texas Tech University. He is responsible for developing and implementing cost effective strategies to ensure historic and prehistoric cultural resources are considered during the design phase of a given project. Over the last seven years, Mr. Stone has drafted countless reports under contract and in coordination with numerous political subdivisions, private contractors, and landowners to provide assistance in navigating the obstacles surrounding cultural resources and the permitting process. Mr. Stone believes that by becoming aware of cultural resources, and the potential pitfalls surrounding them, parties dealing with cultural resources can more efficiently navigate the process and complete the project without further delays. Mr. Stone remains active in the archeological community, as he is a member of the Texas Archeological Society, Council of Texas Archeologists, and is a Registered Professional Archeologist. Kevin Stone lives in Denton, Texas with his wife and two dogs. When not working, Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife, staying active outdoors, and working on his car. Mr. Stone recently hiked to the famous archeological ruins in Machu Picchu, Peru.